Misha Collins returns to 'Supernatural' Season 7: But for how long?


Big news, "Supernatural" fans! You've been lamenting the loss of Castiel (Misha Collins) all season... but weep no more! Warner Bros. confirms to Zap2it that Collins is returning to the show for Episode 717.But that's not the best part! He's sticking around for at least two additional episodes after that. If you struggle with math (we feel your pain) that's a total of at least three episodes. The WB is keeping mum on the details of his return -- including whether he'll be actually playing Castiel -- but given the number of episodes he's featured in, we can certainly hope.Given the relentless trauma that Dean (Jensen Ackles) has endured this season, we've got our fingers crossed for Castiel's redemption arc. Dean seriously needs a hug at this point, no? We don't think the Winchesters can take much more heartbreak, so here's hoping Castiel swoops in with Bobby (Jim Beaver), a special Leviathan poison, that amulet...



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