Hell On Wheels “Bread and Circuses” Review

The worst thing about Hell On Wheels isn’t the racism or the bad characters, the awful assumption that the audience is stupid and therefore needs to be spoonfed every plot development and every intent behind every relationship. No, the worst thing about Hell On Wheels is that it is set in the American Midwest, which is, by all accounts, a pretty stunning place, and yet the show is so cinematographically unadventurous it’s dull.

Most of this episode involved a fight between Elam (I finally learned his name!) and Cullen. The show is obviously trying to make these two into the central relationship: the Walter and Jesse, the Peggy and Don of Hell On Wheels but they have to be characters to get invested in them. Elam and Cullen are just glaring, grunting blank slates. The only thing that defined them in this episode was their considerable muscle bulk, which, whilst pretty to look at, hardly lends itself to a compelling story. Read More...



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