Homeland “Representative Brody” Review

Claire Danes is going to win an Emmy for Homeland. There is no other female actor getting the chance to do what she gets to do every week on Homeland, and I can think of no other female actress deliveringsuch a tour de force performance. I hate that phrase – tour de force – and I never use it. If I hear myself say it I cringe. It’s clichéd and stupid, but in the case of Homeland it’s so true. If Carrie Mathison were played by another actress I’m not sure she would be able to capture the unpredictability and bottled insanity and passion and enthusiasm like Danes. It’s of course a huge credit to the writers for creating acharacter so flawed, a character who does not care a bit about what anyone thinks of her, whose intention is to do her job and do it well regardless of how many enemies she makes, a character who is so unlikeable and lonely and sad and at the same time charged with this tunnel vision.

There were so many great scenes in this episode of Homeland. While I’m interested in Brody’s run for Congress, I don’t know the trajectory of the plot. With Carrie, we know exactly what she wants. We don’t know what Brody wants and therefore we can’t completely get invested in his run until we do know what his aims are. You can’t route for something you’re ignorant of. The Brody scenes are very good – the one where Jessica comes right out and confronts him about sleeping with "that CIA lady" was an example of the brilliant way Homeland undercuts the usual tv trope of leaving some people ignorant so you can have a big reveal sometime near the finale. However, the episode was all about Carrie. Read More...



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Aug 21, 2012 10:40PM EDT

Wow Tom walker is smart as hell and the writing for this show is tight but I don't know if Clare Danes will get a Emmy there is nurse Jackie, the good wife and law and order special victims unit , plus the Political show with sigorna weaver ,damages, and weed and the B c all have strong female leads.

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