Castle “Cuffed” Review

I have a bit of a bone to pick with this show. I mean if Castle is going to keep on cranking out greatepisodes, how am I ever going to decide which ones are my favorite?

Take this episode, I mean when you call it something like "Cuffed", I know it’s going to be interesting. Castle and Beckett wake up (what else?) cuffed to each other in a dark room and have no clue how they got there. What transpires after that is 40 minutes of pure fun. Castle and Beckett run through every innuendo in the book based on being handcuffed, playing out their always frustrating, always hilarious, will they/won’t they relationship while in a very unique situation. Meanwhile Ryan, Esposito and the rest ofthe team are left trying to figure out where they are. Read More...


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