The Good Wife Recap: The End of the Affair

Holy smorgasbord! Leave it to those rascal-y Kings, after starving us for two weeks, to give us a post-Thanksgiving feast of all that is good about The Good Wife. Grace possibly kidnapped, Kalinda to the rescue, Peter and Alicia possibly reunited under duress, Will and Alicia severed—not to mention the return of Louis Canning and Andrew Wylie, a Kaitlin/Margaret smack down, and Eli going against nature to make friends (only out of necessity, of course). Suddenly, I am so excited to see where this season goes.

Previews had played up the Grace kidnapping angle, and the excitement of experiencing that storyline at least wasn’t overblown. Julianna Margulies does a masterful job of bringing you into a mother’s terror. And even though I’m sure a few of our faithful readers were really hoping this would mean Grace gone from the show for good, did you really want to see the rest of the show dissolve into Alicia dealing with grief? No. Grace can leave the old-fashioned way, by running off with her face-painted tutor to make subway-pole-dancing videos about Bible worship for Jimmy Patrick’s cult. Read More...


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