'The Vampire Diaries' Originals: 10 people who should emerge from the coffins


Last season, we made some predictions as to which lucky actor might play Klaus, "The Vampire Diaries" most-feared villain. Of course, we were way off, because Joseph Morgan didn't even cross our minds, and he's perfection. Still, we haven't given up on our dream of being the best backseat casting director ever, so we're back with some new suggestions as to who will play the remaining two Originals.At least, we think there are only two left. If Mama Original bore 7 children, then only two remain to be met, since one died in Europe, Henrik was killed, and we already know Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah. Some fans speculate that the first dead kid doesn't count and that Stefan is actually carting around four coffins, including Elijah's. We'll see!There's no word yet on who the remaining Originals may be (though other sites have reported an Original named Finn is on his way, we haven't been able...



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