2 Broke Girls Review: Chestnut Freezing in an Open Backyard

On "And The Reality Check," we finally see Max and Caroline get rid of the elephant in the room, or in this case, the horse. Enough fans have complained at the implausible plot point that it was way past time the girls found a way to give Chestnut a dignified exit. But did we really need a whole episode devoted to it?

The Good. There were some truly funny moments. Caroline shoveling the snow in the backyard, their moment on the bed with Caroline finding Max's soft spot for kittens. These were good scenes to depict Beth Behrs' improving comedic timing, and for Max to show her soft side she tries to hide under a ton of snark.

Max Dennings' emotionally-laden goodbye to Chestnut wasn't too bad, either. There's a part of me that watched that scene and thought 'she should stick to comedy.' There's another part that appreciated seeing her play a range of emotions. I'm still not sure which one wins out. Dennings has so much likability credit with me, though, that I won't dissect that scene too much. Read More...



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