‘Castle’ Season 4, Episode 10, ‘Cuffed’: TV Recap

The crime on this week’s "Castle" is solved from a dark and dingy basement, in which Castle and Beckett are trapped, handcuffed together, victims of a kidnapping.

They wake up lying on a mattress just foggy enough for Castle to think they’re home in bed together. Quickly though, they both realize, they’re not in a happy place, that they’ve had a needle poked into their backs to drug them and that they’re uncertain of how they got there. Castle calls it "kinky."

"If I were writing a book, this is where bad things would happen," he says.

And then they start to piece it all together. Even under intense stress, their banter is hilarious. "I’m missing my watch," says Beckett. "Mine too." "And my wallet." "I’m missing my badge and my gun." "I’m missing my cell phone. I just signed a new contract." Read More...



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