Enlightened Recap: Mom’s-Eye View

In a generous twist, the penultimate episode of this season of Enlightened takes us outside Amy’s head and inside her mother Helen’s. It’s an extraordinary thing. Switching perspectives from our self-involved heroine is a useful way to, among other things, remember how self-involved our heroine is. But this shift in point of view does a lot more, actually changing the whole pace and atmosphere of the show. We’ve seen glimpses of Helen’s world before — the quiet, the loneliness, the rose garden, the sunsets. But these glimpses have almost always been interrupted by Amy, by a reaction from Amy, or by Amy’s sudden arrival home from work. And they’ve also been interrupted by Helen’s reactions to Amy, who often elicits some pretty sharp, impatient, and cold words from her mother. The two live like an old married couple, so used to each other that respect has been replaced with impatience, exchanges limited to sharp questions and quibbles. Helen’s dog, it goes without saying, gets more love than Amy does. Read More...



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