How I Met Your Mother Recap: She’s Not Having a Baby

Never has the title of a HIMYM episode been as significant as it was last night. Technically, "Symphony of Illumination" referred to Marshall’s plans for turning his Long Island house into a Christmas spectacular, but in reality, it referred to the loudness of knowledge — in this case, Robin’s discovery that she couldn’t have children. For a second season in a row, the series took a dark turn (the last time being the death of Marshall’s dad) and, though it wasn’t necessarily one of the best episodes, it certainly felt as depressing as any sitcom possibly could. Was there a dry eye in the house?

Before discussing, let’s address what appeared to be an inconsistency: Just a few weeks ago, Ted caught Barney in the act of collecting rose petals from Robin’s bed. At the time, we assumed Ted realized something had happened between the two of them. Now, after watching Ted jokingly speculate about the source of Robin’s sadness, it seems as though he had no idea. Perhaps we were only meant to think that what Ted witnessed led him to believe that Barney, fresh from his breakup with Nora, wanted to once again woo Robin, but not to suspect they already "reconnected"? Read More...


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