Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Season 1, Episode 34 Review: Ice Queen

Inside of the fortress, Ed and Al are taken to the infirmary, and Ed is warned about the effects of the extreme cold with regard to his normal automail. This is in contrast to Buccaneer's automail which was made to endure these conditions. The brothers then meet with Major General Olivier Armstrong and tell her the story behind why they're there, though they decide to leave out the parts about King Bradley and the Homunculus. Olivier doesn't really want them around, but she is interested in the applications of Eastern Alchemy, so she agrees to help them find May Chang. In the meantime, she puts them to work and leaves them with a subordinate named Miles who, when Ed pries, reveals that he's got some Ishbal blood in him. Despite this, Olivier had kept him around because she felt that this was not the kind of place for discrimination. Miles now assigns the brothers to remove dangerous icicles hanging from the ceiling, and while attempting to do so, the brothers run into Falman who's got the same job. Afterward, he shows them around, taking them to the technology development area where several tanks are being worked on and also to the fortress's lowest level. While down there, the three of them witness something emerge from the ground: the Homunculus Sloth.

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