Gossip Girl Recap: If You Decided to Be That Person, Own It and Never Look Back

Most people, like the characters on Gossip Girl, spend much time grappling with who they are. However, most people don’t confuse the already fraught process by assuming fake identities, like ChIvey, or insisting they feel one way when it’s perfectly obvious they don’t, like Serena, who acted like she was helping Dan when she was secretly trying to win back his love, or Chuck, who denied falsely in the opening moments of last night’s midseason finale that he had "any interest" in Blair’s schedule, but not long after was racing to the dreaded outer boroughs to pledge his eternal devotion. At the end, in what might but will probably not be the final moments of his life, Chuck learned an important lesson — as Gossip Girl herself might put it, by way of a search on BrainyQuote — to thine own self, be true. ChIvey learned the same lesson. Her veneer broken by the terrible accident she kinda sorta caused, she fled the scene never to return again. It was all quite moving. But realistic? For that, we must consult the Reality Index! Read More...



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