'Glee': How was Chord Overstreet's return?


You'd think "Hold on to Sixteen," being the heralded return of Season 2 "Glee" fave Chord Overstreet, would focus on Sam's return to the "Glee" club.But aside from the funny-but-also-weird-when-you-think-about-the-fact-that-he's-underage bit in the beginning about Sam stripping for money (and the subsequent country-fied "Red Solo Cup"), there was actually very little Sam in the episode.The episode was more about togetherness and sharing and acceptance and all those warm, fuzzy things, with a good chunk of storyline dedicated to Mike Chang's ongoing daddy issues. While we frankly don't care a whole lot about Mike's home life (we do care a little!), we do appreciate that this gave us opportunities for like three Tina scenes. Girlfriend consistently gets the shaft on screen time and solos, so we were ecstatic that this episode featured so much of her.Of course, it would've been better if she had a storyline of her own, but we suppose beggars can't be...



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