Raising Hope “The Men of New Natesville” Review

This week’s installment of Raising Hope dealt with a very prevalent issue among new dads: Losing their edge after having a kid. "The Men of New Natesville" started by Jimmy coming to the realization that he’s lost a lot of his edge and his danger, so he decided to go to a party that Frank was throwing where he promised that they’d be blowing things up. When Jimmy showed up and realized that they were in fact just blowing up inflatables, he ended up getting wasted and woke up in Frank’s home.

This actually ended up leading into one of the most surprising parts of the episode: Frank’s backstory. I’ve always enjoyed Frank in small doses as a background character, but this episode really served as a great way to flesh out his character. Finding out that his parents left him all alone in his home, and that his father was an alcoholic, really lent a lot of sympathy to an otherwise one-dimensional character. Read More...



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