Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Season 1 Episode 43 Review: The Ant's Bite

The battle at Briggs is over soon after it begins, with the Drachma side getting utterly annihilated, but Kimblee has fulfilled his duty of creating a crest of blood. Over in Central, King Bradley asks Hawkeye what she thinks of him and Selim being Homunculus, so she compares it to a game of house. King Bradley thinks that it's more like he gets to play a person of power with all of the things given to him, but he notes that he got to choose his own wife. Back in the north, Zampano meets Envy and leads him to Marcoh. As it turns out though, it was all a set-up, and Zampano had been intentionally luring Envy. Marcoh and May Chang had hidden many transmutation circles in the snowfield, so every step Envy takes activates another trap. This forces Envy to change into his huge form, and so everyone joins in the fight, including the Chimeras and Scar. Right when they think they have Envy beat though, he grabs Marcoh with his tongue and holds him hostage. Envy taunts Marcoh with the idea of making the nearby villagers into Philosopher's Stones and brings up how Marcoh has experience doing so, and although Marcoh acknowledges this, he reveals that he also knows how to destroy them.

Marcoh then directs his alchemy towards Envy and destroys most of the souls in Envy's Philosopher's Stone. This causes Envy to revert to his tiny true form which the group takes back to the village. When Winry asks Marcoh why he did something like this, he explains that he wanted to settle this on his own instead of doing what other people said, and he compares himself to Winry's parents. Envy then latches onto and tries to take over Yoki, but the group pretends not to care about him, and Al recaptures the Homunculus. Once they put Envy into a bottle, they try to interrogate him, but the only thing he reveals is that he heard Ed is missing. Al, however, decides to do as his brother would and keep moving forward, and he specifically wants to go to Lior. Scar, on the other hand, opts to go with Marcoh in a different direction to do something to change the country, and he gives May Chang the bottle with Envy inside to bring back to Xing. He feels that she should go back now and let them take care of matters in their own country, and so May Chang departs on her own after a tearful farewell.

Meanwhile, in Dublith, the Chimera Bido is still mourning Greed and overhears some soldiers looking for Izumi on King Bradley's orders, and he decides to follow them. Back in Central, after treating her brother gruffly, Olivier is led by another officer to a secret underground lair where a Homunculus army is being kept. Sometime later, Al, Winry, Yoki, and the Chimeras arrive in Lior and find both Ro and Hohenheim there.

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