Glee “Hold on to Sixteen” Review

It’s no secret that I’ve been upset with Glee for the past few weeks. I think it was just because I missed the show I fell in love with: cheesy, but full of heart…outrageous, but on some strange level still believable. "Hold on to Sixteen" reminded me so much of what first captivated me about Glee that I was able to overlook a teenage boy working a strip club.

Sectionals arrived and, per usual, New Directions…for all of their "we need to get ready for sectionals" talk…wasn’t ready at all. They were down to only two girls (Quinn and Tina) and were so desperate for members that Finn and Rachel drove to Kentucky to bring back Sam aka Trouty Mouth. They found him working as a male stripper, something that would come in handy later when they needed a little booty tooch to liven up their performance. Was he ready to go back to McKinley? Understatement of the year.

Quinn had a ultimate plan for winning sectionals: knock the Trouble Tones out by getting Shelby fired for her fling with Puck. Not exactly subtle; you know your plan has gone too far when you’re told to chill out by Rachel Berry. Throughout the course of the episode, Quinn realized that all of her scheming and dreaming about getting her baby back wasn’t making her happy, and it certainly wasn’t going to make her senior year memorable in a good way. In the end, she was crucial to the reunion of the club, a fitting end to that whole subplot. Read More...


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