Sons of Anarchy “To Be, Act 2? Review

And there we have it, the final episode of Sons of Anarchy‘s fourth season. As far as season finales go, ‘To Be, Act 2? was brilliant at bookending season 4, wrapping up ends and unravelling new threads that will be expanded upon in season 5. But it was also a bit too deus ex machina for me in parts. Bear with me, readers, we have to get through the bad before we get to the good.

That’s not to say that Sutter and the writers didn’t have all of this in mind from the very start. I can easily see how Lobos Senora being CIA-funded might have been planned right from the start of the season, but while it helped fix some of the big issues (how will Clay survive, how will Jax stay in Charming, what will happen to Juice, etc), it also made the finale fall flat. Read More...


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