Naruto Shippuden, Season 4, Episode 138 Review: The End

Sasuke and Itachi have pushed themselves to the limits of their chakra after trading genjutsu, ninjutsu, and taijutsu. At the climax of the battle, both Itachi and Sasuke run out of chakra. Sasuke has broken through two of Itachi's three ultimate techniques, the Tsukuyomi illusion and the Amaterasu flame. However, Sasuke reveals that his actions up until now were only a preparation for his final jutsu.

Sasuke summons Kirin, a highly advanced Lightning technique that controls raw lightning and directs it at a target at speeds too fast for even Itachi to dodge. Sasuke thinks that he's finally killed Itachi with the help of his most powerful technique, Kirin, but Itachi still has one final trick up his sleeve. Having used both Tsukiyomi and Amaterasu, Itachi calls upon the power of his third and final Mangekyo ability, Susano'o. Itachi in turn has managed to survive most of Sasuke's tricks, including Sasuke's trump card, Kirin. Now, Sasuke has to overcome Itachi's final Mangekyo Sharingan ability, Susano'o.

In Sasuke's weakened state Orochimaru is able to break free from his restrictive chakra, and attempts to use the opportunity to finally take Sasuke's body. Itachi swiftly deals with Orochimaru's Eight-headed Snake summon, sealing him away into another dimension with the sword of Susano'o, ridding Sasuke of the Curse Mark and Orochimaru's influence and power. After he got rid of Orochimaru with the Sword of Totsuka, Itachi advances to claim his brother's eyes.

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