Survivor South Pacific “Ticking Time Bomb” Review

Survivor South Pacific returned this week with "Ticking Time Bomb", and got right to showing us Cochran’s arrival at Redemption Island. Ozzy completely deadpanning to the camera "He really doesn’t stand a chance" gave me one of my biggest belly laughs of the season. Cochran’s outrage at the Upolu tribe for "using" him was a little odd, as you would think he’d assume that being the one to switch tribes would automatically put him at the bottom of the pack on his new tribe. I thought he was supposed to be a student of the game?!

Another puzzling conversation was had between Edna and Coach, as Edna kept tearfully saying to Coach that she can’t handle all of the deception going on in the tribe. This all just came off a bit goofy and desperate, and a little similar to Cochran’s speech in a way, in that you can’t help but ask out loud to the TV "Haven’t you ever seen Survivor?!" That’s just how it works, Edna. You couldn’t help but agree with Coach when he says "Everybody get’s deceived"! Read More...


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