Suburgatory “The Nutcracker” Review

Given what happens on ABC’s other show about the suburbs, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that this week’s Suburgatory, "The Nutcracker," advanced a slightly scandalous plot that I’ve seen coming for awhile, but never thought would come to fruition so soon.

After discovering George’s NYC gal at Thanksgiving, Tessa has been giving him the silent treatment. So when she catches him breaking up with Zoey, she assumes that he’s sacrificing his happiness for hers. Her search for the perfect gift to give him, to make up for this, leads her back to Zoey herself and Tessa invites her out to the ‘burbs for their first annual tree-decorating party.

But as it turns out, George is already making eyes at another woman, a sweet, honest, un-jaded blonde art teacher who leads his wreath-construction class. In order to get to know her better, he decides to throw the decorating party, not knowing about Tessa’s surprise guest. Read More...


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