The Middle “A Christmas Gift” Review

I’ve heard of drunk dialing and drunk texting and thanks to the latest episode of The Middle, I am now aware of drunk party planning. Thanks to a few drinks, Frankie is feeling warm and fuzzy about her neighbors, who have actually been pretty great to the Heck family, and decides that the family should host a Christmas Eve open house for the entire neighborhood. During her morning after regret, Frankie reveals to Mike that instead of just coming home and passing out like normal people, she managed toget online and send out an invitation to the Heck family soiree. Nice job Frankie.

As part of the drunken party planning debacle, it is revealed that Mike is a horrible gift giver. Among his greatest hits was a spoon rest that read "Queen of the Kitchen." What is a spoon rest and why on earth would you ever need one? Mike has stepped it up this year and gotten Frankie a much needed dishwasher. Although Frankie really wants the dishwasher and the family certainly needs to do something with that unsightly hole in their kitchen, I’m not sure that a dishwasher is exactly an ideal Christmas gift but it seems appropriate for The Middle. It is certainly better than a lady bug change purse. Read More...


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