CSI “Zippered” Review

When the FBI shows up on CSI, it’s usually a source of endless annoyance for the investigators. So in a pleasant twist, the feds in "Zippered" weren’t pompous or ignorant or even bad guys. They were simply two agents trying to serve their country by tracking down a stolen shipment of super-guns.

I don’t know if weapons such at the one featured actually exist, but if they do, then I am officially frightened. The uber-gun was capable of firing so many rounds so fast that it was literally able to cut a man in half, ie: zippering him. That’s awesome in a terrifying way.

So, the whole story revolved around these guns, stolen in Pakistan and brought back to the US. The FBI got involved when the special bullets were run through IBIS, and while they helped the CSI’s by not making asses of themselves and providing a lot of manpower when necessary, it was mostly our regular team work’s that brought them to the real source of the gun theft. Read More...



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