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Grimm “Danse Macabre” Review

Well, Grimm has done versions of the three bears, bee people, and red riding hood, it was only a matter of time until they visited the Pied Piper. In “Danse Macabre”, Grimm tackles the flute playing leader, but instead of a flute, he plays a violin.

We start out with the death of a high school teacher. I’m not talking about a normal, every day run of the mill death – nope – this guy gets it BAD. After settling into his car, he realizes that it is full of rats. Not justany rats. These rats (for reasons I have yet to understand) are like cannibal rats that end up eating away his flesh in a matter of hours. When Nick and Hank arrive on the scene, the teacher is nothing but a skeleton.

It was a little ridiculous since Grimm never does explain why the rats suddenly decided they craved human flesh, but that aside, Nick and Hank are led the home of a student – whose father just happens to be an exterminator. Read More...

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