Parks and Recreation “Citizen Knope” Review

Poor Leslie! That’s my first thought about Parks and Recreation this week. With the scandal ofsleeping with Ben out in the open and her suspension still in place, she’s pretty much going crazy. So crazy in fact, that she starts a private citizen’s group called "PCP" to take up some of her time. The groupdoesn’t last too long, and Leslie is also left with some pretty disturbing news: her campaign consultantshave polled Pawnee, and her votes are down to 1%. Poor thing. They then drop another bomb on her: they will no longer be helping with her campaign. Candidates don’t really recover from 1%.

Meanwhile, Ben is trying to find a job in the private sector after he resigned in shame. After several interviews he actually turns down a position (because of advice from a very unlikely source) and it seems that Ben may be spreading his wings outside of Pawnee in the near future. While it wasn’t explicitly said in "Citizen Knope", Ben is going to be looking for a job that he wants to do – something that he’s passionate about… who wants to bet this affects his and Leslie’s relationship and opens the door for him to exit stage right? I really don’t want that to happen. I love Ben and Leslie, but I’m not sure where exactly Ben will fit in now that he’s not working for the parks department. Read More...


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