Bones “The Twist in the Twister” Review

In this episode of Bones, titled "The Twist in the Twister", the team comes across a body that has been sucked up into a tornado. This leads to some fun moments, such as when Bones, Booth and Sweets end up nearly getting sucked up into another tornado themselves.

In the background of the murder investigation, there were two other stories going on. First there is the fact that Angela and Hodgins’ baby Michael apparently won’t sleep. Leaving his poor momma dozing off in the lab and his poor papa hyped up on caffeine. When Angela’s dad comes into town and wants to spend time with his grandson, the two of them are wary, afraid that the old rocker will further mess up the baby’s routine. In the end though, he turns out to bring exactly what the little one needs to sleep soundly – loud blues music. Read More...


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