Boss “Choose” Season Finale Review

I just finished watching the Boss season finale "Choose" and all I have to say is…Wow.

After last week’s jaw dropping episode, I was expecting this finale to either hit it big or miss the markbecause nothing in between would have done the trick. I am happy to say that it hit the mark big time. From the ultimate revelation of the true betrayer as Ezra Stone to the final scene of Mayor Kane on the floor having a seizure, "Choose" was an episode filled with intense, gripping and undeniably powerful moments that you just can’t help but remember and discuss.

The theme of the episode was clearly "Retribution" as illustrated by Ezra’s monologue and we certainly saw everyone…well almost everyone get what they deserve, justly or not.

Kelsey Grammer deserves every single award that he can possibly get for this role. He took what could have been an interesting character and made him into an iconic one. Tom Kane is the perfect political operative. Heck, he is the Michael Jordan of politics and we are all just watching him fly all over these chumps that want a piece of him. It was an honor to just see him do his thing. Read More...


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