Merlin “The Hunter’s Heart” Review

There’s a strange dichotomy with Merlin. On the one hand are fun episodes that more or less disregard everything that came before. On the other are stronger, darker episodes that link back to the overallcanon and push the plot forward. I’m happy that ‘The Hunter’s Heart’ is one of the latter, an episode that goes some way towards reuniting Arthur and Gwen, and more importantly gives us a taste of what is to come, not only over the next two weeks, but next series too.

This episode showed Arthur attempting to move both his heart and his kingdom into the future by becoming betrothed to Princess Mithian of Gedref, thereby uniting their kingdoms and ending an ancient land dispute. Mithian is beautiful, wise and a perfect companion for Arthur. But he’s a little less enamoured with her after finding Gwen’s ring in the forest while on a hunt. He misses Gwen and, after a little soul searching, decides to give Mithian the disputed land and end their betrothal. Why does he miss Gwen so much? And will he ever see her again? He doesn’t know, but Merlin seems convinced they will reunite. Read More...


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