Homeland “The Vest” Review

(Note: Your usual reviewer is out this week, so I will be reviewing Homeland in their stead.)

After last week’s explosive ending, I was really hoping for Homeland to return this week with "The Vest" and really hit the ground running. I mean, there’s been a freaking explosion in the middle of a crowdedWashington DC park! You’d think there’d be mass pandemonium and panic, but it seemed like the CIA members were kind of sitting on their hands.

I guess all of the panic was just hitting Carrie, though, as we see her flipping her wig over not being given a green pen. We’ve known since the premiere that she has some pretty serious psychological issues, but we’ve never really had the opportunity to see her off of her medication until now. Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin were both in top form here, as Danes played the manic bi-polar/OCD patient perfectly without going overboard. This an easily affliction to over-act as an actor, but Claire was absolutely killing it. Patinkin was also great here, as his understated performance has been great all season. His face as he stared at Carrie in her bed, rambling on about a far-reaching pen color conspiracy, was wonderful. Read More...



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