BOARDWALK EMPIRE “To The Lost” Season 2 Finale Review

As tonight’s episode of Boardwalk Empire, "To the Lost" began, I was really nervous. After such a great, although at times disturbing, detailed look into Jimmy’s past I was not hopeful about his prospects for making it out of Season 2 alive. After watching so much pain in his life, I really wanted to see something good, something less painful in his life. Truthfully, I thought about just waiting until the episodewas over so I could hop on Google to spoil the ending before watching it unfold. After all the anxiousness and trepidation, I decided to suck it up and watch the episode in real time. No matter what the outcome, I know that it will be a well written, well acted episode.

What a season finale.

For more than half the episode, we saw Jimmy making things right, beginning with a very special delivery to Chalky White in the form of the three Klansmen responsible for killing several black bootleggers at the start of the season. I don’t know if it was the sense of urgency knowing that he was on borrowed time, the freedom from his father or finally taking a stand with his mother that did it but Jimmy seemed to really hit his stride – as fleeting as those moments ultimately proved to be. Read More...


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