DEXTER “Talk to the Hand” Review

I don’t often share personal stories in my reviews, but watching the most recent episode of Dexter made me want to share a little anecdote. A couple years ago I came to the realization that I wasn’t happy with my weight, so for the 2010 new year I resolved to lose weight. I signed up for Weight Watchers, and over the next seven months I gradually lost 50 pounds and have now kept it off for about a year and half! One of the most common Weight Watchers mantras was "Call it a vegetable and move on". This means that if you mess up and have a slice of chocolate cake or something, you shouldn’t dwell on it and give up on your diet for that day, instead you should just pretend it was a vegetable and move on!

I think this often used mantra applies perfectly to this sixth season of Dexter. After watching "Talk to the Hand", I’m ready to just call it a vegetable and move on.

Is season six the worst season of Dexter? Yes. Is the show bad now? No. Does this season retroactively make the whole show terrible? No. I’m not ready to start saying the show has jumped the shark, as many fans of Dexter have been saying online, but I can’t say I don’t understand their frustration. Read More...


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