Once Upon a Time “The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter” Review

Someday, Once Upon a Time will decide to let us know exactly what secret Snow White spilled that led her to her stepmother wanting to cut her heart out. On that day, no matter how badly we might want to feel for the Queen, I think the events of this week’s episode, "The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter" will keep our sympathy at bay.

Up until now, Emma’s effect on Storybrooke has been very subtle. A happy ending here, a little rebellion there, and one coma recovery that sort of led to even more heartbreak. They were small changes, noticeable only to someone who was paying close attention to the town’s inhabitants, like Henry and possibly Regina.

But then Sheriff Graham got drunk and kissed Emma. Just one kiss and the memories of his life as the Huntsman in Fairytale Land started flooding back. With a little encouragement from Mr. Gold (Just what mischief was he up to in the woods? Gardening, my butt!), story hour with Henry and a conversation with Mary Margaret, Graham slowly began to entertain the notion that his dreams were actually a forgotten reality. Read More...



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