Glee Recap: Thank You for Being My Friend

Okay, so, to be clear, they’ve basically written Mr. Schue out of the show, right? He pops up once in a while to do a cool-dad finger-dance or a creepy nod of approval, just to make sure you know the kids aren’t going to go all Lord of the Flies on each other (ALTHOUGH THAT WOULD BE A GREAT EPISODE), but I haven’t heard that dude say more than six lines all season. Not that I’m complaining, since he is an oily monster.

Anyway, this episode opens with Quinn wandering around school in a sort of Blossom/Brenda Walsh bucket-hat combo, spreading rumors about Shelby and Puck’s creepy sexual intercourse affair. Rachel takes this opportunity to redeem her character (very slightly!) by pointing out that if Quinn gets Shelby fired, then Beth will definitely become a baby-hobo forced to ride the rails and eat garbage (which is difficult with baby teeth!). Quinn makes thoughtful-face, but you know inside she doesn’t give a shit because she is a terrible person. Read More...


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