'Survivor: South Pacific': Edna goes up against crazy Brandon


Brandon continues his pathological behavior of being a complete nutjob on "Survivor: South Pacific." And Cochran exits with grace. Post TribalCochran is whining about being used and whatnot. Well, it happens. Your big move didn't pay off, take it like a man. Meanwhile, Ozzy tells Cochran to make up for it by voting for him to win the money. He wants a promise, which Cochran finds presumptuous. Meanwhile, back at Te Tuna Edna is feeling really ostracized by Brandon and the rest of the alliance is just kind going along with it instead of standing up to crazypants Brandon. The castaways then get treemail in the form of messages from their family members on a Sprint phone. Everybody cries, as usual. Wow, Coach's brother is like Coach as an accountant. Wow. The Duel is retrieving bags with a hook, then a tilt-y puzzle, getting a ball through a hole at the middle while avoiding other...



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