'American Horror Story': The sixth sense


Oh my god, you guys. The thing I've been fearing (and many of you have guessed) for weeks now finally happened on "American Horror Story." Please don't keep reading if you haven't watched the episode yet.The big revelation this week is - Violet's dead. Her suicide attempt worked and Tate's been hiding it. He wanted to see if he could get her to kill herself with him, maybe it would seem more comforting. But once she starts to try to leave the house, he shows her her body stuffed in a crawl space and reveals he's a ghost too.In other news, the Boy Dahlia has been found and the police are looking pretty hard at Constance. Poor Larry, who has always been carrying a torch for her, confesses to her that the ghosts did it and he just disposed of the body. But he confesses to the crime to save her. And she still won't...



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