Harry's Law Review: Miracles

Harry, Cassie and Oliver defended a young mother accused of euthanizing her severely ill infant while Tommy and Adam fought the good fight for an Iraq veteran very deserving a purple heart.

It seemed Harry's Law was in the business of delivering legal miracles in this week's episode, "Purple Hearts."

While the episode succeeded at pulling the heart strings, I found I was less welcoming of the social commentaries that took place this week.

I sincerely appreciated the addition of Josh Braaten to the cast. He's been making the rounds as a guest star, and just when I'd forgotten about his time on The Mentalist, here he was guest starring on Harry's Law.

Other than that, his presence wasn't the focus of the episode aside from being the defendant's husband in the mercy killing case. Slightly disappointing, but clearly necessary.

That said, did anyone else see that Nurse O'Malley clearly had something to do with the death from the beginning? I knew that from the first time she appeared on the stand. I appreciated how sideways things had to go for Harry. Her overcoming the obstacles was clearly what made the entire case an exercise in courage, but it was a little predictable. Read More...



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