Jerry Saltz’s Work of Art Recap: On Getting Naked and Hitting the Streets

This week’s episode of Work of Art made me believe there is a God. After the Sucklord spent months trying to coax Lola out of her clothes, she’s going full Monty for this week’s challenge — and he’s not here to see it in the flesh. Hah! Praise God!

The challenge this week is for two-person teams to make art that will be sold on the streets of New York. Then they have to show some of it in the gallery. Lola’s large photo of herself with real secrets written on the picture’s surface is fantastic. She records confessions of jealousy and body shame, masturbation fantasies — the whole nine yards. The irony, power, and magic of this piece is that it works not for what Lola is showing us on the outside but for the intriguing way she’s made her body invisible by becoming even more radically vulnerable, showing us what is on the inside. It’s something that would shine in any gallery in New York. Read More...


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