'Revenge' recap: Commissions Will Abound

"The task in front of you requires absolute focus. Prioritize your obstacles to your end goal. Eliminate them...one at a time." So spake Master Satoshi at the beginning of last night'sRevenge. He was offering her a battle plan: Her original clockwork vengeance plot has become senselessly complicated by unforeseen variables. In a funny way, Satoshi was also describing a solid business model for a growing business. When Emily initiated this tale of bloody revenge, she was like a start-up engineer: A one-woman vengeance organization, unwilling to work with anyone else. She's had some early success, but that success has only brought more problems: Competition, old friends coming out of the woodwork, an evolving marketplace.

There was a third, deeper level to Satoshi's advice. As Emily's vengeance has become more complicated, so the TV show Revenge has become more complicated. After ten episodes, the show's chessboard has shifted dramatically. Casa Grayson is empty, a "mausoleum too cold and empty to be called a home," in the memorably Shakespearean phrasing of Queen Victoria. Jack's perpetually sad smirk has become a perpetually goofy grin, thanks to the arrival of Fauxmanda. The Talented Mr. Poolhouse has ascended to the heights of Hamptonite elite, partially through his own devious roofie powers and partially by unknowingly riding along in Emily's destructive wake. There's an exciting array of plot in motion. But the end of summer is approaching. We're very close to reaching the point where we started the show. If Emily needs to focus in her end-goal, then so does Revenge. Read More...



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