Modern Family Recap: Fast As You Can

Modern Family rarely opens with a scene that embodies family harmony — that’s usually left for the closing segment, after the night’s lessons have all been learned — but this year’s Christmas episode starts with a comfy tableau. It’s a gorgeous, sunny day, and the whole family is lounging by the pool  —even Stella, the scene-stealing Frenchie. But the peaceful vibe is ruined when Mitchell announces that he’s received a voice mail from Dede, canceling on them for Christmas. The whole gang gets to take swipes at Claire and Mitchell’s flaky mom and her terrible holiday newsletter (too much free verse for Manny’s taste), but her impending absence leads to a realization — this is the last day that the entire family will be together during the Christmas season. Today, December 16, 2011. On our calendar, that’s a Friday. The family that plays hooky together stays together, we guess. So Phil suggests they undertake an "Express Christmas" TM, dividing the family to scramble to put together a Christmas celebration for that very same evening. "On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer, on Vixen," Phil cries, as Claire, Mitchell, Cam, and Gloria respectively walk by. Sometimes stereotyping by reindeer works perfectly. Read More...


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