Survivor: South Pacific 23.13 "Ticking Time Bomb" Recap

If you missed the "everybody saw it coming, except for Cochran, who should have drawn rocks instead of flipping on Savaii" vote last week, catch up with my recap here.

The episode begins at Redemption Island on Night 30.  Cochran rues the fact that he may have been played by Upolu.  Ozzy says the way to get back at them is to vote for him (Ozzy) in the Final Tribal Council.  But what if Cochran can beat him in a Duel?  "He doesn't stand a chance," is Ozzy's quick rejoinder.

The next morning at Te Tuna, Rick toasts his socks.  Brandon wants to say a morning prayer, but Edna excuses herself as she's "not really part of the tribe."  She feels duped by her tribe, like she's a second class citizen.  She continues her rant to Coach, but she's interrupted by Brandon bringing back a Sprint phone (Blatant Product Placement!!) with videos from home.  Rick hears from his wife, Edna her sister, Sophie her dad, Albert his mom, Coach his brother, and Brandon his dad.  There is no time to cry, though Brandon would like to, because it is time for the...


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