'America's Next Top Model's' Allison Harvard: 'Angelea is more of a personal thing that went on with her'


Allison Harvard was the runner-up on "America's Next Top Model" all stars. She tells Zap2it about her time on the show, which she mostly enjoyed.Are you glad you came back to Top Model?"Um, yeah. I feel like that was something I kind of thought about even before I completely was on board with it. I thought about it a lot. I had so many great experiences and I came out with some good friends, and some ridiculous experiences and I got to go to Greece. I mean, life isn't so bad. [laughs] I had a really great time and it's always fun to go on an adventure." Some girls were mad that all stars wasn't exactly what you were pitched, did you feel that way?[laughs] "Welllll ... it was definitely pitched to us in a little bit different light than the reality of it actually was. But that's also something I factored into the equation...



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