Suburgatory 1.09 "The Nutcracker" Review

Suburgatory's extensive supporting cast has been both a blessing and a curse for the young show. While having a roster of capable, interesting talent makes for innumerable options for interesting stories, it can be hard to find a place for everybody on a week-to-week basis without stretching credibility. Granted, a show like Suburgatory has been camping out on the thin line between satire and cartoon for most of its run anyway, but there are only so many ways even it could realistically bring large portions of its cast together.

One fairly reliable way for a sitcom to bring everybody together in a low amount of locations is the holiday episode, of which Suburgatory has had three thus far. Following pretty good Halloween and great Thanksgiving episodes, "The Nutcracker" was more of a mixed affair, telling a bit of a worn out story while opening up some intriguing emotional ground that could make the back half of season one rather interesting indeed. The episode mostly took place at George's holiday party, primo ground for the cast of Suburgatory to tread on and almost every recurring character got a "moment" or two of their own. While I would have preferred to see some of these familiar faces interact with one another as opposed to one/two-off characters, I have to admit that I enjoyed Mr. Wolfe's feud with the Yee family, Lisa's insight into Tessa's dynamic with her dad, and Noah's pick-up-turned-snowball-fight with George's ex; I just think that Suburgatory can stand to mix its regulars up a little bit more than it has been. It's a communal-emphasizing show full of neighborhood Events, so I'm sure that there'll be more chances to pair up characters, but on an episode based around a huge get-together, you'd think we'd get to see some new combinations. Read More...


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