The X Factor Recap: Dave Holmes Reports From Inside the Theater

I was there.

Thanks to the show’s PR people, I got to go and see The X Factor in person! Listen, I’ve been in television for a while, and I am accustomed by now to how much smaller things are in real life. But the set is SO SMALL. It’s like a medium-size high school auditorium. But oh, the stars! As I checked in, I saw "CLIVE DAVIS +1" on the PA’s audience list. Isn’t CLIVE DAVIS +1 an unnecessary thing to have on a clipboard? Isn’t that like having "inhale" on your to-do list? Anyway, on my way to my seat, I saw reserved seats for Camille Grammer and Jill Zarin, who I understand are Real Housewives! I feel like I should add more celebrities, so I’m going to make some up: Genie Francis! Kerri Strug! Sinbad! You name them, you would have difficulty proving they weren’t there.

That the energy in the room never flags is thanks to indefatigable warm-up comic Bill Sindelar, who shouted so much I went and bought myself some lozenges immediately after the show was over. It’s not an easy job, this; you get the sense that he has one of those bombs from Speed attached to his midsection, and if there is a moment that doesn’t sound like a soccer riot, he will explode. But the crowd loves him. They also really do bring their own homemade signs, my favorite of which says simply "Chris Rene: Yay." Read More...


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