The Middle 3.10 "The Christmas Gift" Recap

It seems like it was just Thanksgiving, and now Christmas has come to The Middle. A little too much eggnog makes Frankie invite all of the neighbors to a Christmas Eve party at their house. Of course, she regrets the invitations as soon as she's sober, but the damage is already done and a party there will be. If only they could get a new dishwasher to fill the hole left by the old dishwasher before the party. Frankie pesters Mike about it, not knowing that he already got her one for Christmas.

Brick—little Brick who has read nearly every book in existence—has only just discovered that church is based on a book. He starts reading the Bible and is immediately turned into a skeptic. "How could Noah have two of every animal on one boat? Many are mortal enemies, and the poop alone... " Frankie and Mike are uncomfortable with his questions, but Sue is the most hurt by Brick's skepticism when he tells her there are plot holes in the Bible. He doesn't understand how Eve was made from Adam's rib, because if it was anything like cloning, wouldn't it just make more Adams? Sue tries to convince Brick, without any luck, that just because some of the Bible doesn't make sense doesn't mean it's not true. She explains, "There's a lot of episodes of Glee that don't make sense, but I still cry." Read More...


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