Community 3.10 "Regional Holiday Music" Recap

It’s another Christmas at Greendale, with the group sharing this year’s holiday plans (sadly, no claymation is involved this time.) Abed wants to spend time with his friends and watch the holiday special of Inspector Spacetime, but as usual, everyone has their own plans. Annie is going to the movies with her grandma (or, "bubbe"), Shirley is helping out at her church and Troy, who’s a Jehovah’s Witness, isn’t allowed to celebrate.

The group’s conversation is interrupted by the pretentious Glee Club. As they sing one of their "pop culture" mash-ups, they receive an anonymous tip (from Jeff) that they’re performing material without artist permission. After being delivered a cease and desist notice by Chang, they begin freaking out and give themselves a collective nervous breakdown. With the Glee Club now out of commission (the loss of Greendale’s second Glee Club in two years), Dean Pelton is almost forced to cancel the Christmas pageant - but he wants to try to convince the study group to help him out before he gives up completely. He enlists Glee Club director Corey Radison (SNL’s hilarious Taran Killam) to talk to the group, who want nothing to do with him as they hate Glee Club and all it stands for. Read More...


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