The Office Recap: I Would Like Another Alcohol

Two scenes into this episode, I thought, Oh, I bet this is a Mindy Kaling wrote this one, and she did. Her episodes tend to involve everyone in the same plot — be it a Dundies ceremony, a Diwali celebration, or Jim and Pam's wedding — and she's written many of the show's holiday episodes ("Classy Christmas," "Secret Santa"). But she also has a lighter, looser touch, a soft spot for girl talk, and she often plays with an information economy, finding naturalistic humor in who knows what and when. After last week's misery parade and this season's overall sourness, I was dreading the annual Christmas episode. But "Christmas Wishes" filled me with holiday cheer, proving that there's still some juice left in this show. There are still some issues left, too, though.

The show opened with two Daily Show shout-outs — one to Mo Rocca, the other to Lewis Black — which fills me with anxiety, because The Daily Show can't exist in the world of The Office, and thus we're left to wonder how else Stanley may have become a Lewis Black fan (stand-up specials, I guess?), and also to wonder why Jim buys Stanley birthday presents. Anyway, in the meeting, Andy talks about granting everyone's Christmas wish and asks that they grant his: Be nice to his girlfriend Jessica. Kelly and her wonderful sequin blazer seem skeptical. Read More...


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