Grimm 1.05 "Danse Macabre" Review

When talking about Grimm's last original episode (which aired in mid-November), I mentioned how badly I wanted the show to fully embrace its dark side, which features a lot of horror movie instincts. What has made Grimm such an interesting show to watch is how visually distinctive it is from (almost) everything else on TV and the show really asserts itself as something different when it piles on the dingy lighting, unique make-up/CGI, and intricately creepy details that keep its other worldly feel alive and kickin'. Simply, allowing Grimm to become a sort-of monster-movie-of-the-week could make for some fun TV.

Which may be why I was so initially drawn to "Danse Macabre", as it shows Grimm falling further down the horror rabbit hole to mostly very strong results. For one, it was arguably the most gruesome of the first five episodes, at least in terms of gore and striking moments. Very rarely do horror/suspense shows get to me, but looking at the hollowed out body of Mr. Paul Lawson legitimately made me gasp in surprise, especially once a rat (spoiler alert) climbed out of his mouth. (It was the first moment that Grimm "went there" and I appreciated that.) My favorite visual, though, had to be the final rave that framed musical prodigy Roddy Geiger/DJ Retched Kat lured his bullies to (pictured above); complete with candles, gothic violin music, and a tidal wave of rats, it was impressive in all aspects and really pushed the show to new heights in terms of mood and atmosphere. There was something tragic about Roddy, something that fellow outsider Nick obviously related to, and that type of imagery had a certain amount of sadness and desperation to it that highlighted how lost this kid was. Read More...


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