Grimm 1.06 "The Three Bad Wolves" Review

From the first time he appeared on screen in the pilot, I was transfixed by Grimm's Eddie Monroe, reformed blutbad, cellist, and VW bug enthusiast. In a procedural like Grimm, sometimes it can be tough to service both character and case, which tends to leave character beats to be sandwiched in between truth, justice, and catching the perp with a couple of minutes to go in the show. In Monroe's case, however, it felt like the show already had a fully formed, interesting character, as his dryly sarcastic humor and knowledge of all things creature-related helped Nick Burkhardt get on his feet after discovering his impressive lineage. Monroe's always been a light in an increasingly dark show, a tone shift I'm in favor of, and despite the occasional exposition dump, he's a generally reliable episode highlight. Read More...


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