Television review: 'Bag of Bones' rattles weakly

'Bag of Bones' stars Pierce Brosnan as a man surrounded by mysteries after his wife dies. The Stephen King tale is set in, where else, an odd Maine town.

Before vampires and zombies ruled the Earth, there was Stephen King, the man who almost single-handedly reinvigorated the horror genre, in book, film and miniseries form. Along the way he also created his own personal algebra by which to predict the quality of whatever new project is in the offing. When one writes so many books, it is almost numerically impossible that all of them will be good, and some of King's aren't. But good or bad, most are adapted to film and/or TV, which requires a whole new set of variables. Adaptations of books requiring, as King's do, the creation of a particular mood, are very difficult; when they work — "The Shining," "Misery," "Salem's Lot," "The Stand" — they work big, but usually they don't. Read More...,0,25319.story


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