'Once Upon a Time': There's no sign of a love in sight


A fine episode of "Once Upon a Time" leaves us with quite the major ending. Don't keep reading this if you haven't watched the episode yet. And apologies for the length of this recap, but there was a lot happening this week. In Fairytale Land, the Evil Queen and Snow are burying Snow's father, who was the Evil Queen's husband. She killed him and is now plotting Snow's death. Sheriff Graham is the huntsman she dispatches to kill Snow. He is a noble huntsman, though, and a great white wolf is his friend/companion. He was raised by them, actually. In exchange for killing Snow White, he wants the Queen to outlaw the hunting of wolves, protect them.As they travel, smart Snow figures out what's going on and runs from the huntsman, but she knows it's hopeless to escape him, so she stops to write a letter to the Queen and gives it to the huntsman....



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