Once Upon a Time Episode 8 Promo: New Episodes Return in January!

The midseason finale of Once Upon a Time aired this week and one character lost his life.  In the fairytale world, we learned that the Queen had killed her husband - Snow White's father - and decided to hire a Huntsman to kill Snow White herself.  Why?  While we don't know the exact nature of their rivalry, the Queen hinted that she confessed a secret to Snow and she failed to keep it quiet.

While the Huntsman, who had been abandoned by his parents and raised by wolves, agreed to kill Snow, she quickly caught on to the plan and ran away.  When he later found her, she showed him a letter she had written for the Queen, forgiving her for having her killed.  This prompted the Huntsman to let her go.  But when he later brought a fake heart to the Queen and tried to trick her, she ripped out his heart, leaving him in her control forever. Read More...



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